Izzy Sturdivant


July 2023

Izzy Sturdivant

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Meet the Players

Brook Engelhardt

Position: Catcher
Hometown: El Segundo, CA
Team: El Segundo Eagles

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Riley Piorkowski

Position: 3rd Base, Utility
Hometown: Woodland Hills, CA
Team: Impact Gold

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Bella Dalley

Position: 1st Baseman
Hometown: Goleta, CA
Travelball Team: Santa Barbra - Breeze

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Valeria Becerra

Position: Center Fielder 
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA 
Team: So Cal A's - Cooper 

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Vanessa Becerra

Position: 3rd Baseman  
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Travelball Team: So Cal A's - Cooper 

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Emily Judkowitz

Position: Pitcher 
Hometown: Houston, TX 
Team: WUSA Wave 

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Abby Lawrence

Position: Middle Infielder 
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA 
Travelball Team: Wags 

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Isabella Garnica

Position: Short Stop 
Hometown: Torrance, CA 
Team: Firecrackers Mulligan-Medina 

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Elise Salas

Position: Pitcher & Center Fielder 
Hometown: Coral Springs, FL 
Travelball Team: TNT 

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Emily Benavidez

Positions: Center Fielder 
Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA 
Team: Ohana Tigers Holloway/Contreras

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Avery Adair

Position: Short Stop
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA 
Travelball Team: Bownet-Crowder

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Kendall O'Keefe

Position: Pitcher 
Hometown: Arroyo Vista, CA 
Team: Rancho Trabuco 8u All-Stars 

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Magic Tuso

Positions: Pitcher
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Team: So Cal A's Chatelain

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Natalie Gleason

Positions: Pitcher
Hometown: Capistrano, CA
Team: Firecrackers Brashear Hicks

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Phoenix Pair

Position: Center Fielder 
Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA 
Travelball Team: Ohana Tigers Holloway/Contreras

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Ariana Lardizabal

Position: Pitcher
Hometown: Moreno Valley, CA
Team: Futures

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Jessie Jeanne Ortiz

Positions: Pitcher and 3rd Base 
Hometown: Pomona, CA
Team: Cal Cruisers Jacobo 10U

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Trinity Faith Pettway

Position: Catcher 
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN 
Travelball Team: Chattanooga Force 2012 

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Ellayne Tellez

Pitcher & Middle Infielder
Los Angeles, CA 
So Cal Athletics 

Addison Snyder

Position: Catcher 
Hometown: Castaic, CA 
Travelball Team: I5 

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Jasmine Veal

Position: Center Fielder 
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA 
Team: Beach Softball 

Alli Venegas

Middle Infielder, Corona Angels

Khloe Persson

Third Baseman, Bownet

Ashley Kim

Catcher, Beach Softball

Kylie Preis

Infielder, Firecrackers Miller

Analise Reyes

So Cal A's

Ryan DaCosta

Outfielder, Ohana Tigers WPL

Emma Fong

California Cruisers 

Carly and McKenzie

Case Batbusters Miller 

Sai Sai

Samaya Jinna

Pitcher & Center Fielder, Clutch Up

Riley Shubb

Middle Infielder, Firecrackers

Juju Moffett


Imani Ferris

Pitcher & Center Fielder

Hannah Southwick

Pitcher, Bandits in NY

Sienna and Emma Greenlinger

Both Pitchers, Moorpark Rec Ball

Ariah Camarillo

First Basemen

Kate Trudgen

Shortstop & Center Fielder


Ohana Tigers

Ayanna Gamble

Beach Softball

Macey Kim


Serena Hopkins

Catcher & Outfielder, SoCal Athletics

Sisters, Maha and Jordy

Pitcher & Catcher, Explosion

Maddie McAllister

Infield, Dusters West Virginia

Sam Fischer

Infield, Loyola Marymount University, Athletes Unlimited, National Pro Softball

Taylor Peacock

Pitcher, Culver City High School, I-5

Kamaile Ho

Pitcher, Infielder, USA Athletics

Kaia Glickman

Pitcher, Williams College