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Our Story

My name is Savana Lloyd and I am the founder and owner of Bellalete.

Here’s my story: After finishing my collegiate playing career at Texas A&M I started coaching full-time in Southern California.  I worked with youth softball players 7 days a week and immediately I noticed something amazing, and sad…

None of my students would wear softball pants to lessons - they ALWAYS wore yoga or stretch pants.

When I asked them why, they all answered the same way: “We hate our softball pants!  They’re uncomfortable, don’t fit right, and look terrible on us.”  

What a shame!  Here were motivated and beautiful young women forced to compete in pants that prevented them from playing their best, and that also looked and felt terrible.  In private lessons with me, they’d work their tails off to take their game to the next level wearing comfortable stretch pants that gave them a full range of motion with their legs and hips, and then on game day they’d be stuck in uncomfortable boys baseball pants that constricted their movements, had cheap fabric scratching their legs, and were totally unflattering on top of all that.

It made no sense to me!  As a female athlete myself, I was offended that their needs as beautiful and athletic young women were being ignored by the sports apparel industry.

So in the summer of 2014, I went to work personally designing a new softball pant. I took everything my girls loved about practicing in their athletic workout pants, and made it functional for softball.

Bellalete pants feature:
    •    High performance fabric

    •    A cut and fit designed specifically for girls’ bodies

    •    A fashionable elastic waistband for increased comfort and confidence

    •    Sewn-in sliders

    •    Pockets

    •    A truly unique design that combines function and fashion

Since selling the first pair in February of 2015 out of the trunk of my car, thousands of softball girls 36 states and 3 different countries are able to play the game they love with more confidence and comfort knowing they’re wearing a pant designed specifically for them!

Bellatele’s mission is to positively impact the game you and I both love, one softball pant a time.

I'd be honored to have you wear Bellalete this season, and please don't hesitate to share with me your "softball story!"