Sisters, Maha and Jordy


Softball sisters...Jordy & Maha!⁠ 🙌🏾
Why two?⁠ The sister bond is universal & the softball bond is undeniable, put them together and you have a recipe for a lifetime of success. We know this is going to inspire you to find your own softball sister, related or not, to support each other in your softball journey.⁠

Jordy is 13, she is currently in transition mode, about to try out for her high school team and is practicing with a travel ball team in hopes of securing a permanent position. She has been playing since she was 8 and is a pitcher & a center fielder.
Speedy is her middle name! She is quiet and focused, sometimes goofy and funny. Jordy is an awesome big sister to Maha!⁠

Maha is 9, and has been playing softball since she was 5! Her big sister is the sole reason she started playing softball, she would go to games and watch her play and pitch and decided she wanted to play too. ⁠Maha is sassy, bubbly, energetic and this young lady loves to chat! She loves talking about softball and going through pitches with Jordy.⁠