Special Covid19 Bellalete Art Project

Special Covid19 Bellalete Art Project

Time to get those paints and pens back out, we are ready for Round 2!


We didn't know we were going to have a Round 2, we didn't even know exactly what was going to happen with all of your amazing art, we just knew that we wanted to offer up an activity that you could do easily at home, that included softball, our favorite pastime.

What we didn't expect was just how uplifting and healing it has been to gather all of your amazing contributions, for us and, as it turns out for all of YOU.

We have received so many emails and messages from both parents and players about how special the art-making time has been for them. You have shared stories of family art time and shared the back-story and process. We have had parents submit their own art, collaborative art, and kids wanting to make more and more Bellalete softball art (one player submitted 8 pieces over two weeks!).

We discovered that many of you are talented at drawing, coming up with clever designs, amazing quotes, meaningful messages, and even a few sharply designed digital art pieces.

You have sent in artwork made with collage, watercolor, pen & ink, crayon, glitter, digital drawing & graphic work, photos, and mixed media. You have submitted many pieces with the Bellalete arrow, softball hearts, softball fields, pitchers, catchers, batters, defense players, palm trees, cactus, mountains, oceans, tigers, softball girls, and one of our favorites, a softball planet Earth!

In pure Bellalete style, we have been coming up with more ideas on ways to use all of this art because we have gotten so much JOY from the thought, care, and energy that you have put into this project. Your beautiful, generous love and support for Bellalete has fueled us.

The Bellalete team has created a fabric made from your art, and we are obsessed.

Which takes us back to ROUND 2!

The timing of the final round of proofing the fabric design and the submission of art resulted in a few art pieces being left off. That means that we need more art to be able to make a 2nd pattern! Being able to include every single girl and family who submitted their art to us is important, no one gets left out.

If you were hesitant to send in an art piece the first go-round, please consider going for it this time. EVERY SINGLE ART PIECE IS WORTHY IN OUR EYES.

You are amazing and we love you.

Team Bellalete

PS Please visit the Art Contest page to view the artwork so far.

Submit your artwork to info@bellalete.com, include a little bit fo info about yourself.

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