Bellalete Art Project

The Collection

Hover over the art piece to see the artist info. Scroll down below for information on how to join. 

Join our collection and design with us: stickers, fabrics, art

While we are at home right now, staying safe, doing our part to stop the spread of COVID19, we have an activity for you... join us, get creative, have some fun, participate together, and enter to win the Bellalete Art Contest.

How it works

1. Create or find a place at your house to do art
2. Collect pictures, images, shapes, markers, paints, things that inspire you and your softball game and the tools you will need
3. Make your art
4. Take a picture of it in good lighting, and upload it to your computer or phone
and email your artwork to us at 

Who can participate

Anybody reading this, softball girls, softball Moms, Dads, coaches, sisters, brothers, friends, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles... 

Share Your Progress

Tag us on social media so we can share your progress with others, smile, and see lots of creativity, beauty and art! 

Instagram @bellalete_


Ideas to get you started

1) Softballs, Gloves, Bats, Uniforms, Diamonds, Fields or piece of the game.

add bright color and sparkles, why not? 


2) A personal story that inspires you and your softball game. 

For example, Savana's Mom drew this Eye of The Tiger. Before every game, she took the circle her Dad used to say, "Eye of The Tiger, Go Get Em, I love you!" 


3) A part of your hometown, where are you from? 

For example, cactus to represent the desert and Arizona.


4) Words of affirmation, creatively displayed. 

For example, our arrow, the original words we made up when we started Bellalete. What are you favorite words and quotes, how can you turn them into art? 

Let's be creative, let's join together, let's make beauty and let's keep our heads up and having fun during COVID19 shutdowns. 

Any questions, email