WAGS Softball Sisters

WAGS Softball Sisters
Being a Softball Sister is a lifestyle that all softball players experience throughout their careers. It provides an opportunity to build a stronger community, while also delivering a safe space for all players to develop their skills and character. These values hold a strong foundation within the bellalete community and we were proud to partner with WAGS Softball Sisters to learn, grow, and have some fun together!
How did WAGS Softball Sisters come to be?
WAGS Director of Marketing and Public Relations Mike Hazan has some insight for us on how their softball sisters journey began.
"Believe it or not, the WAGS Softball Sisters program has been going on unknowingly for decades. For years, the older girls would teach the younger girls the official WAGS cheers and give them pointers on the field. This wasn’t limited to actual siblings but the smiles and excitement of the younger girls when the older girls came to the dirt was contagious. And when the younger girls became the older girls, the cheers and encouragement was passed back down. This cycle has inspired thousands of girls along the way and now, the mentorship continues in a more formal way, which we call Softball Sisters. 

WAGS Softball Sisters is a supportive community of older WAGS players who want to give back to the younger girls. Softball Sisters believe in having fun while building skills and confidence on and off the field. Girls who want to participate from the older divisions will be assigned a team to connect with. The older girls will visit at least one practice and one game per season. During practices, the older girls will teach the younger girls a few dugout cheers and a softball skill or two which they can practice at home. For games, the older girls will come and cheer their littles on. Similar to “study buddies” in elementary school, the Softball Sisters program aims to create bonds which will go much further that just one season of softball. In order to be a Softball Sister mentor, you must be a second year 8U or older WAGS player."

 Softball Sisters can span across all leagues, divisions, and skill levels. In order to foster a culture for softball sisters it comes down to understanding there is a higher purpose than simply playing the great game of softball. Whether it's on the field or in the classroom being a softball sister drives young athletes to support one another in being their best and most authentic selves. Empowering the next wave of young softball players is a great opportunity to give back to the game and also provides room for growth, learning, and fun along the way!

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    Love the love this shows in so many ways❣️Family and teamwork is the best part for forming healthy life skills🤗⚾️⚾️❣️

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