Stay The Course with Ayanna Gamble

Stay The Course with Ayanna Gamble

Stay The Course is THE Bellalete Mantra (thanks to Savana's dad, Jim, but more on that later). We pull this mantra out anytime we hit a bump in the road, things feel tough, or we just need a little power-on boost of mood. While reading Ayanna's letter to us we couldn't help but think that she is doing exactly that, STAYING THE COURSE. 



"During this period of time when things seem like they’ve been put at a stand still, we could get really distracted and even unmotivated.

I’ve been trying to keep busy by keeping a similar routine like the routine I have when I am in school and still going to practice. 

I wake up in the morning and do a basic workout, and in the evenings I workout with my dad, with running, weight lifting. It's important to stay strong.

Most of my day consists of homework, and I definitely take advantage of the extra time to get that done.

I try to stay off my phone, and my family and I play a lot of games.

It's so important to use this extra time to be with your family. We have to cherish the moments. Family is the most important.

I haven’t gone out much, but if I absolutely have to I wear a mask to be safe. I wash my hands a lot also.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and remember to stay active!⁠"

Thanks, Ayanna, that's inspiring that you are still carrying on with a routine, and making use of the special time we wouldn't be having otherwise. Now that we think of it, this is a combination of two of our favorite mantras...STAY THE COURSE + FIND THE SILVER LINING!

Readers, did you know that Ayanna is the starting catcher for LBCC? She is a positive leader on her team and knows what it's like to have to work your way back to success. If you have a question for her or any of our POTM, leave us a comment below and don't forget to follow us on social media on our Instagram page, or Facebook.

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