Brandy Brennan, Softball Mom + Softball Coach + Former D1 Pitcher

Brandy Brennan, Softball Mom + Softball Coach + Former D1 Pitcher


Say hello to softball mom, Brandy Brennan, former division one pitcher, current Southern California softball and pitching coach, and mom to Bellalete June 2019 POTM, Taylor Peackock. 


Brandy and Taylor in the White Heather Leggings 

Brandy started playing softball at a really young age and picked up "windmill pitching" from her Little League coach Mando Madrid. She went on to pitch in high school and travel ball (go, Granada High and Shilos travel team!), and then Brandy earned a scholarship to Ball State University. It was at Ball State, being coached in pitching by Ruth Crowe, where she learned mental toughness in the sport and many other life lessons that she has taken with her off the field.

Brandy is now able to pass those lessons on to the next generation of softball girls. Brandy has been coaching softball and baseball for the past 13 years, including her son's and her daughter's Little League, travel ball, middle school and high school team, where she enjoys live pitching at practice! 

"I am always taking coaching courses, and learning about pitching mechanics. I can’t seem to leave this sport. I love it and I enjoy the time I spend with my daughter. She handles me well and continues to go to her own pitching coach along with me. Every minute I can spend sharing my passion for pitching and softball with her and other athletes I consider myself super lucky. I am most relaxed when I am on a softball field. And I owe this sport and my college coach a lot for giving me opportunities to develop and learn life lessons.


Like Mother, Like Daughter, Beautiful Athletes and Wonderful Strong Women! 

We are inspired by the greatness Brandy and Taylor bring to the community, everyday they take the softball field and beyond! 

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