5 Movement Drills with Coach Lauren

5 Movement Drills with Coach Lauren

Learn to Move 

1. Athlete starts at cone and runs straight to catch a ball  

2. Keeping glove tucked to sprint until reaching for the ball 

3. This can help every athlete understand their movement to a ball in the outfield or infield 



1. Knee drives straight to chest while pumping arms at the same time 

2. Once athlete gets through latter then explode to a sprints to catch a ball over there shoulder

3. This helps create explosive and fast movement 


1. Have athlete start at cone and switch there feet and hips 

2. They will tuck there glove and sprint to another cone where the coach will throw a ball for them to catch 

3. This helps with first step back, feet movement, quick reaction, and catching with one hand 


1. Bare hand and glove flips. Bare hand flips you want to have the least spin as possible. 

2. Set up 4 cones to have 1 athlete at each cone, not too far away.

3. They will go around and flip to each other in a square. This helps glove control, spin control, and understanding each flip in each situation.  

1. Side arm: Set up 4 cones to have 1 athlete at each cone. 

2. Making sure each athlete stays low and in their arm slot point their hand straight at their partner. 

3. This helps understand our arm slot, how we move our body, and helps us on plays that are fast. 

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