Q&A With Taylor Peacock, Southern California Travel Ball Pitcher

Q&A With Taylor Peacock, Southern California Travel Ball Pitcher

Taylor Peacock was Player of the Month in June of 2019.

Taylor was on a softball high, having just made the USA National team and was about to travel to the USA National Tournament.



So much has changed in the last year because I started playing travel ball on a new team in a new division and I have faced way better competition, better teams, and better pitchers.

I have become a power hitter and started working on a lot of my hitting mechanics to gain power. I love my new hitting coach and team.



This year I haven’t felt as dominating on the mound, moving back to 43 feet is taking a lot of work to adjust to and I am being challenged to play a new position, which is first base.

I am working on my pitching mechanics a lot. I have always done long toss to prepare and also many velocity drills. Now that we are all staying home because of Covid19 I have been studying my mechanics to improve on my weaknesses. 

To work on first base drills, I like working short hops and going low to high so I can pick balls at first base.

Mentally, I believe in myself, and I know I can do it. My mom, (Brandy Brennan), helps me mentally prepare and she coaches me a lot. She always sends me motivational quotes and helps me the most on my pitching. (collective aahhhh from all the moms).


I see myself playing college softball as a pitcher and power hitter! I work on my goals and can’t wait until I can play for my high school next year.

YES! We love all of that Taylor. 

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