Q&A with Case Batbusters Teammates

Q&A with Case Batbusters Teammates

We selected Case Batbusters Miller, one of our Bellalete Teams wearing the Black Beltloops, to nominate December Player of the Month. The coaches and team voted, and it ended in a tie between two athletes! Meet and get to know Carly and and Mckenzie, December POTMS in this Q&A!  



13 year old, catcher, 1st base, outfield, wears number 16, nickname is Speedy. 

How long have you been playing softball? 

6 years 

What are you working on right now in your softball game? 

Mastering blocking as a catcher and timing as a hitter. To continue putting in the consistent work it takes, and being confident. 

What is your favorite part of the game? 

Catching, because I get to be a leader on the field. Also, playing with friends and teammates. 

Do you have a favorite player, quote, or mantra that inspires you? 

Clayton Kershaw has been one of my favorite Dodger players . He inspires me. I like his quote, "Never look back" It helps me to remember that it is important not to dwell on mistakes I've made in the past. 

How are you there for your teammates? 

I'm the one thats always pumped up, and cheering the team on! 

What do you like about your Bellalete Softball Pants? 

Bellalete's feel like leggings. They are stretchy, comfy, and easy to run around in. I like the built in sliders, other pants are too bulky when you have to wear sliding shorts too.



12 years old, 2nd base and right field, wears number 59, nickname is Mack. 

How long have you been playing softball?

5 years

What are you working on in your softball game right now? 

Becoming a more powerful hitter, my swing. 

What are your strengths? 

Communication, hustle, and positive self talk. 

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra? 

It is not about how good you are, but how good you want to be. 

What is your greatest challenge in the game? How are you working on it? 

Throwing distance. To overcome that, I am getting stronger by lifting weights and throwing everyday. 

What do you like about your Bellalete Softball Pants? 

I love how comfortable and durable they are. They are so different than other softball pants. I love wearing them for games and practice.

To follow Carly and McKenzie on their softball journeys you can find them on instagram: 

Team Page: @case_batbusters_miller
Carly: @_carly.nelson_
McKenzie: @mckenziewaters59

To nominate a player you know, for Bellalete player of the month, email us at info@bellalete.com We would love to hear from you. It is our dream to honor and showcase the incredible, talented, strong girls in our sport.


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