How to Find your Perfect Fit

Finding your perfect fit is easy! To get started, you need to measure yourself in three key ways:

A. Waist - Measure your waist by standing straight and wrap the tape around your natural waistline.

B. Hip - Measure your hip by wrapping the tape around the widest part of your hips

C. Inseam -  Measure from the inside of your thigh to just below your knee

Locate your size on the chart below; the pants should be snug, not loose.  

Notes About Sizing

Size Up or Down? 
If you are questioning between two sizes, we recommend going down in size. The reason for this is our pants are made with a high stretch compression fabric. We have found it is better if they are a little snug, as compared to being too big. If they are too big, they will not stay in place on the body like they are meant to during play. 
Don't worry if there isn't an exact size - the pants are stretchy and comfortable and can adapt to variations. The most important measurement is the inseam, as the pants are designed to be just below the knee, not mid-shin or to the ankle.

What is the difference between the youth sizes and adult sizes? 
Our adult pants are made with a stronger elastic in the waist band to keep them in place with a women’s body structure. They are also made with a flat elastic in the calf, compared to the youth pant that has bunched elastic. The adult pant is also a few inches longer.

A helpful thing to know if you are right on the edge between youth and adult sizes: Our adult XS fits the same in the body as our YXXL, however it is longer. So if you are a little shorter, go with the youth! If you are taller, we recommend the AXS.
No 'Slider Shorts'
The Bellalete Softball Pant was designed for you to play your hardest, including sliding without fear.  The Bellalete Pant was designed with an integrated performance panel under the outer layer with rip-resistent, skin-protecting technical fabric that gives in all directions as needed in a slide. As such, there is no need to size the pants to accommodate 'slider shorts' under your pants and the additional bulk would make the fit uncomfortable. 
Questions on sizing? 
Drop us a note at and we will reach out to you!