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About Us

It all started by Texas A&M Softball graduates and pitching coaches Amanda Scarborough and Savana Lloyd. Amanda and Savana were coaching lessons together and realized the difference between the options for quality athletic apparel for girls and women to work out in, practice in, and train in, versus the options for them wear on game-day. Unlike the traditional softball uniform and pant, apparel to train in is flattering, it is designed for the female figure, with sports performance fabrics. From that concept, the Bellalete pant was born. An all new softball pant that is designed by softball players for softball players, with the highest quality sports performance materials in the world to fit, feel, look and perform better in games and at practice. We are proudly made in the USA, in downtown Los Angeles. In addition to the pant, we as a company stand apart from other softball apparel manufacturers. Just like you, we are a team of softball girls. We understand what it is like to be in a softball girls shoes. We are committed to leaving a legacy for those that follow us to play the game with more comfort, style, and confidence.