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What is your Favorite Quality in a Pitcher? November 02 2016, 0 Comments

1. Patience

She takes her time and she doesn't show anxious body language when runners are on base, or when she is deep in the count. 

2. Trust

I like a pitcher that will trust me to catch the ball 

3. Respect

I love a pitcher that respects both me, but also herself.

Attitude is #1 October 27 2016, 0 Comments

Above anything, we can control our attitude. Its the number one thing we have control of both on the softball field and in life. Today, we want all of you reading to hear the story of Alyssa, from Torrance Girls Softball League in Torrance, California.

Alyssa is a new pitcher. She is preparing to pitch in her first 8u season ever this coming spring. Every day she shows up to the field, she has a smile on her face, happy to be there, ready to work hard, with patience and love for the game. When you ask her how she's doing she'll answer you, "AWESOME!" She is not afraid to try something new. She shakes it off quick if she messes up. At the end of her practice or pitching lessons she will always stop, look her coach in the eye and say "Thank You Coach." 

We want you all to remember, its the little things like this that show from the inside out. Put a little Alyssa in your attitude. Not only will it help you improve your game, but you will gain the love and respect from all the coaches, parents and teammates around you. 

Play Pretty. Play Tough. 

Love, Team Bellalete 

Love Yourself First August 07 2016, 0 Comments

"I can only give love to the extent of which I love myself."
As athletes, we need our teammates to love us, to support us, to be our biggest fans. On most days we need our teammates to show they believe in us, more than we believe in ourselves. So to make this happen, you must first love yourself! 

5 Reasons You Will Love Our Pants January 21 2016, 0 Comments

1. The Story

Former division 1 college pitcher and technical apparel lover, Savana Lloyd, has put her heart and soul into the creation of these pants. Her softball journey started by one of her coaches telling her to "pick a different sport." She worked her way to state championships, team MVP's, team captains, and to competing at the highest level, NCAA division 1 for Boston College and Texas A&M. Her project now is to catch her dream to make softball girls love their apparel through fantastic products and an educational motivational brand they connect with. She grew up playing in Washington, has coached thousands of softball girls worldwide, is currently coaching a select group of pitchers in Southern California and is the co-founder and owner of bellalete.

2. The Message

It goes beyond great pants. Its about positively influencing, educating, and inspiring young female athletes. The name bellalete stands for "Beautiful Athlete." We are redefining the word beautiful, and feminizing the sport. Not only that, but it is  another avenue to coach them in a fun, engaging, inspiring way. All girls want to feel good in their clothes, why not give them positive coaching and life lessons at the same time!

3. Design 

They are designed specially for girls, unlike the majority of softball pants borrowing their designs from boys baseball pants. The pant is super soft and has serious stretch. Includes a wide comfortable waistband, sewn in back pockets and added support in just the right places for fearless sliding.

4. Simplicity

Thanks to our design, you do not need to wear sliders with our pants. This eliminates the need to buy sliding shorts. One less piece needed getting ready in the morning, one less piece of laundry. Even though we might be priced a little higher for our quality product and made in the USA status, you save the money on sliders. In the end, it all evens out! 

5. Quality

The pants can handle A LOT of softball and some serious sliding & diving. We make them with an incredibly durable, strong, lasting sports performance fabric.