Bellalete Journal

The Journey of our Pants + The Journey of a young softball girl!
As I closed the box to ship to another team, all I could think about was not the hundreds of things on my to do list, the craziness of owning a business, but where these pants are going, the girls that will wear them, and the major memories they will create in them that will be cherished for their entire life!! 
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Attitude is #1
Above anything, we can control our attitude. Its the number one thing we have control of both on the softball field and in life. Today, we want all of you reading to hear the story of Alyssa, from Torrance Girls...
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5 Reasons You Will Love Our Pants
1. The Story Former division 1 college pitcher and technical apparel lover, Savana Lloyd, has put her heart and soul into the creation of these pants. Her softball journey started by one of her coaches telling her to "pick a different sport." She...
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