What is your 2019 mission?

What is your 2019 mission?

Today in Palos Verdes California we did a photo day with five local bellalete girls, myself, and Danette, our camera queen! 

I like to add motivation, lessons, purpose to everything we do. I've been there, done that, been in the girls shoes who now wear the bellalete pants, and now I want to work with and impact the girls going through it all. So instead of doing just a photo shoot, we talk, we connect, we share goals, stories, and more. We have a really fun time and its so cool to see the girls at these photo days, while we are on the field its different than a typical practice day or game day, we get to kind of let lose and just have fun smiling, being on camera and spending an afternoon together with no pressure.

With it being the first week of a new year, today I had the girls write goals and 2019 missions. Check out what we all had to say. What is your 2019 mission? Share with us in comments!   

Heather Roth, her 2019 mission is to hit 60mph with her fastball. 

Sydney Inana, her 2019 mission is to make varsity as a freshman! 

Madi Radeke, her 2019 mission is to become a more disciplined hitter. 

Alex Donell, 2019 mission is to be more aggressive at the plate and swing at more first pitch strikes. 

Lilly Burns, her 2019 mission is to get her pop time better, to throw more runners out stealing!

Danette, her 2019 mission is to continue to inspire and support women in business with fun and creative collaborations, and to make space for our young girls and their future endeavors!

And my 2019 mission is to stay strong, lead brave, work hard, be healthy, be a game changing positive force in the lives of young athletes and their families, & to remember to celebrate the little things. 

We hope you will take the time to write and share your 2019 missions with us. Lets keep each other accountable. It takes hard work, consistency, creating the right habits and routines to make it all happen. 

Thanks for reading the blog today, I can't wait to keep them coming, to give us all the chance to connect and be a part of this amazing bellalete community together. 

:) Savana 



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