To Belt or Not to Belt

To Belt or Not to Belt

Hi Softball World, its Savana! This blog is to announce the launch of our beltloop pant, and the story of how it came to be.

When I designed the pant in 2015, I was 100% against belts. I thought why would anyone doing something athletic want to wear a belt? I saw and still do see softball players as athletes. Which means, we should dress like athletes, right? Can you imagine seeing someone at the gym, running, working out, wearing pants with a belt? It makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it. It doesn't help the body be free of restriction for movement.

With all that said, you all proved me wrong! I admit to it. Softball world wants belts for the aesthetic look. It is a traditional look for our sport. I have been asked and asked, over and over, until I was literally losing sleep over softball belts and how to ad them to the bellalete softball pant. When teams started telling me they can't order because their organization is required to wear belts, I knew I needed to do something. I want every softball girl to have the chance to experience the comfort of bellalete and be a part of our journey. I knew the only way to do this was to build a pant with beltloops because hundreds, thousands of teams, require belts and will not steer away from that tradition. 

I was concerned that it would change the comfort of our pant, but I convinced my team to commit to designing it to see what we could do. It didn't take long, until I became really excited for this new opportunity. I realized how the current pants on the market with beltloops could be improved. A lot of the pants with beltloops have added material and the loops are sewn in, in a way to be stiff and bulky. We created the bellalete beltloop pant with a flat lay design and minimal stitching that over lays the top of the waistband. The pant maintains the same quality of stretch and comfort as our original waistband. We can't wait for you to try it out! 

Meet Ally Udell, alumni of Whitter Christian, and sophomore pitcher at Cerritos College. We hit the fields with Ally and the camera this week. She is the first player to ever wear our bellalete beltloop pant. It has yet to even be played in a game. We had such a great time with Ally and we wanted to share a little highlight of her with you for inspiration. Ally is full of smiles, laughter and positivity, its contagious and she is a dream teammate. We hope hearing this about her will inspire you to be just a touch more positive today and everyday. 

Whether you decide to belt or not to belt we are pumped and fired up to launch this pant, and we thank you for driving us to make it happen! 

Click here to shop the new pant!

Love, Savana & the bellalete team 


  • Elizabeth

    Love the belt loop as it’s reauired by my team. Any chance you will have Navy or dark gray?

  • berna kieler

    Very cool. We need pants like this for everyday. How about one inspired by your softball
    pants. And, we want a Bellalette underpant that is not binding and we can’t even tell we’re wearing. Love you Bellatelle – Keep innovating !!

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