The Journey of our Pants + The Journey of a young softball girl!

The Journey of our Pants + The Journey of a young softball girl!
Hi Everyone! 

Its Savana, founder, creator and owner of bellalete! It is my goal this year, 2019, to blog more, write more, share more of my story on how I have created this company, gotten it to where it is today, and ultimately connect and stay in touch more with all of you as I continue on this awesome journey. 
Today I was in the office with my team, juggling a million things. I was helping with shipping in the afternoon since we are launching new ways to ship to teams. It was the end of the day after a long day of grinding and working hard and honestly a day that felt a little overwhelming (business can be that way, so could pitching at times when I was younger, but we always find a way to make it happen!) anyways, as I was about to tape this box closed I stopped and took an extra minute to reflect. 
All I could think about was not the hundreds of things on my to do list, but where these pants are going and what that means. I started thinking about the girls that are going to receive them and how badly I wish I could be a part of each one of their journeys and be there to see them open up and try their pants on for the first time. I am so passionate about this opportunity for girls to play this sport and wear our pants, it makes me smile! Even though I don't get to personally know each one of the girls that are going to wear our pants, I think about where they live, what team they are on, what position they play, the games they will wear these pants, the accomplishments that they will make in these pants that will build their confidence, the failures they will endure in these pants that will be really hard at the times, but in the end will make them stronger in softball and in life, the friendships they are building that will last a life time. I thought about the parents that bought these pants for their daughters with their hard earned money, and everything softball parents do to support their daughters, I thought about the loads of laundry these pants will be in after dirty days on the softball field, the fun of packing these pants in suitcases and bags in preparation for traveling to away tournaments. I thought about basically the entire journey of a young female athlete, how special it is and what an incredible opportunity it is. 
I am grateful to have a place in each of the girls journeys that wear our pants. Go girls go! Keep working hard! 
You got this! 

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