The Power of Softball Girls Becoming Life Long Friends

The Power of Softball Girls Becoming Life Long Friends

From our team to yours, wishing you all a Happy New Year! Cheers to 2019! 

This year I spent new years with one of my friends from Junior High and High School Softball. Over 15 years later, and we are solid friends for life, all thanks to softball!

This is me in Laguna Beach with Lindsay, we played together at Finn Hill Junior High and Juanita High School, in Kirkland, Washington. 

The friendships we all make from softball are strong and life changing! There is something about being on a team, sharing  a common goal, being together through thick and thin, that builds the best type of friendships. We remember the pre-games together, the bus rides, the big wins, the tough losses, the celebrations we had, the team parties, the laps we ran when things didn't go so well (we used to have to run for every backwards K - whoops, if you're going to strike out you better at least go out swinging!) We remembered the silly things, and still laugh so hard we had tears of laughter reminiscing on these memories. So fun! 

If you are reading this, and a young girl playing in elementary school, middle school, high school, rec ball, travel ball, wherever you are we thought about you this day as we spent the holiday together, we got excited for you and all the memories you have yet to build with your teammates and friends. Cherish them, its so special!

Lindsay made me this awesome juice, once an athlete - always an athlete. I am sharing this to inspire you all in case you need it ;) To perform you best, you have to fuel the best. Lately I have been into getting extra veggies + fruit through juice. I've never really jumped into the juice crazes because I honestly enjoy eating veggies, but lately I have been into it. My trick is equal part fruit to veggie, this makes it sweet and taste good. Message me if you want more tips, especially if you are a parent reading this and trying to get your athlete to better health and nutrition. Its really important and will make a difference in how they feel and perform if they nourish right. 

Heres to health and loving your teammates and friends even more in 2019 - be the best teammate and friend you can be :) 


Lindsay and Savana 


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