Gameday Talk With Torrance Girls Softball 12u All Stars!

Gameday Talk With Torrance Girls Softball 12u All Stars!

Last weekend at their War at the Shore tournament Kamaile, our May player of the month, did an instagram takeover on our Bellalete instagram. Thank you Kamaile! During it she did a little Q&A with her teammate Danica. Danica won MVP of the game in back to back games at the tournament! We love to hear these questions and answers and we hope you can share it with your players and teammates. Especially the parts about the mental game. It is so important to have a strong mindset in Softball and in life….


Kamaile: What is your mindset on game day?

Danica: I just try to have fun. I focus on being there with my friends. I know I have my teammates so all my stress goes aways and its easier to play.


Kamaile: What is your favorite part about your morning routine?

Danica: My Mom does french braids and then we stretch.


Kamaile: Where do you want to play in college?

Danica: Shortstop or second base


Kamaile: What college do you want to go too?

Danica: I don’t know yet! I just play the game where I am now. I'll get there eventually. 


Kamaile: What is worse mental or physical mistakes


Danica: If you are not having a good day and you put that pressure on your teammates it will bring them down too.


Kamaile: What is your favorite part about bellalete pants?

Danica: I like their design, and when you slide its comfortable, and they are all around really comfortable to wear.


In this photo: Left: Kamaile, Center: Danica, Right: Mira. Mira says he favorite part about Bellalete pants is the durability. She is a catcher and she slides a lot! 


Thanks for reading and for your support in Bellalete! As a former college athlete, and coach of thousands of young athletes placing them in college: I wanted to add this.

Some young players know where they want to play, like Kamaile. She wants to play for the University of Texas. These players, have their heart set on a school and it brings them a vision, dreams, clear goals. 

Other players, just play the game and don't have a college focus yet, like Danica. She is waiting until she gets closer to it, has a better understanding of what she wants to study, and she just isn't ready yet to set her eyes on one school. 

My advice to players, coaches and parents, is both are ok! Whether you have or are a player that knows or does not know, just keep developing them the best you can and taking it day by day :) Work hard and have fun. 

Stay the course! 




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