Fear is Scary, Overcoming Fear is Growth

Fear is Scary, Overcoming Fear is Growth

Hi everyone! Savana here :) we had an incredible week at bellalete, lots of fun and lots of hard work. I wanted to share this little story about fear and overcoming fear with you. Its a little story, but it has big meaning. 

Any fear is a fear whether its big or small, any time you conquer a fear is a learning and growing experience!

We had a few pop up events last weekend. Southern California softball leagues do what is called an ‘evaluation day’ where they rate players on their skill which then helps to build teams of even talent. On this day, every player in the league gets evaluated. We attended the event to share bellalete and our pants with the girls and families.

It is always our mission at events and when we are with softball girls that we connect with them. We love to hear about them in any way we possibly can, whether its talking softball, life, school, advice, girl talk, inspiration talk, what they had for breakfast, we just love connecting with and getting to know the girls that are part of the softball world and community!

Last weekend, college players and former Torrance High School teammates, Brooklyn and Kiera visited WAGS (Westlake Agoura Hills Softball League) evaluation day with a pop up shop and bellalete pants.  Most of the girls attending where in the 8u and 6u age groups and for many it is their first year playing softball. I gave Brooklyn and Keira a goal to collect a few stories of the girls in their league to share with our bellalete community online. At first none of the girls would do it. They were all to nervous and afraid. I was managing the event remotely, working from our Torrance office, with the goal to empower Brooklyn and Keira as well as to connect with the girls, as the girls look up to them. Brooklyn sent me a text and said they are all to afraid to do it. I said “no way, make it fun, go out of your way to make them feel comfortable, you can do it, they can do it, make it happen!” Sure enough, a few minute later the stories started coming. Here are just a few we thought we would share with you.

Teagan. Loves UCLA, plays first and catcher, and getting hits. Loves donuts before games. She loves her bellalete pants so much she had to get a new pair! She loves that they're not tight and that she can move very well in them. She loves how they never get holes and that when she's catching they don't slide down. 


Ainsley. First year playing softball. She loves hitting the ball and shortstop is where she wants to play when season comes up. 


Addie. First year playing. Her favorite part is throwing and running, her favorite position is first bae but one day she wants to be a pitcher. 

Molly & Addison. Best  friends. Molly loves hitting and first base, its her first year. Addison loves third base and her favorite thing is to chew big league chew during games and drinking water. They're both excited to be playing and cat wait to learn how to be better players. 


Coming from me, former division one athlete who has been there done that, been in both Keira and Brooklyn’s shoes, and the girls they were meeting from the leagues shoes, it is inspiring for me to see the ways we can have a positive impact on each other and share these incredible life lessons together, no matter what our age. 

No matter what fear it is, or what you are doing, when you do something you thought for a second you couldn’t do, and then you do it...  it molds you, it makes you a little stronger, a little more confident. The result of overcoming a few will make you better for the rest of your life!

Thanks for reading!

ps. These images are from our instagram story @bellalete_ We are working hard to grow our instragram as a platform to inspire and to connect to the softball community. If you do not already, we would love you to go follow us and connect with us! We are here for you! 

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