Checking in with Kaia, April 2019 POTM

Checking in with Kaia, April 2019 POTM

Softball (and all sports) is feeling the hit from this time off we have to take right now. We decided to reach out to some of our players who have been playing softball for a while and always have a great attitude. 

Here's what Kaia Glickman, High School Junior, travel ball player, and our first-ever Player of the Month, had to say about her downtime this month.

When I found out that softball season was being postponed and potentially cancelled, it felt super weird because between high school and travel ball, I never really have a chance to take a break.
I’m really upset that our high school season might be cancelled because I love the girls on my team and we have a super solid team this year.
All through preseason, we talked about how deep we were gonna go in playoffs and how exciting it was going to be. Now it’s weird to be staying at home all day and not playing with my teammates.
I am definitely taking advantage of this time to rest but I am still going to be practicing. I will pitch in the driveway with my dad and do some workouts at home.
If we do get the chance to resume our season, I think it will make us all grateful for the sport and allow us to understand how lucky we are to be able to go out and play every day. As a competitive athlete, spending all day inside has been challenging, so I am trying to get out of the house and at least walk every day.
I’m taking everything one step at a time and listening to health officials because they know what’s best to keep everyone safe! I also feel grateful that I am not vulnerable to this virus however I understand my responsibility to keep everyone safe, even if it means cancelling one season.
Thanks, Kaia, for sharing with us. We know this is a challenging time. We love that you are taking the time to rest (with a little bit of workout in there too!) and to reflect on the importance of doing the right thing for your community.
Let's hope this passes quickly and keeping as many lives as healthy as possible.

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