In the Kitchen w/ Kamaile Ho

In the Kitchen w/ Kamaile Ho

This October, we met up with former POTM (player of the month) Kamaile Ho in the Camp Bellalete Kitchen. Kamaile is a pitcher from Torrance, California and is the daughter of Allison and Warren Ho. Allison and Warren are passionate softball parents, as well as busy school teachers! They are committed to providing Kamaile with a healthy kitchen, which in turn helps her progress in the sport of softball, and in all of life. 

We asked Kamaile to share her favorite fall recipe and she chose Whole Foods 365 Spiced Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix, her favorite fall treat after a long day on the softball field. We all need a treat and how about a healthy easy option? 

A big reason why we liked her idea, it shows there are healthy EASY options that come in a box, that simplify life in the kitchen for you busy parents, players, and families out there.

You can get this mix at your local Whole Foods. Kamaile has a few recommendations for key substitutes that make this a healthier option, you can also pick up at Whole Foods: 

milk: substitute it for almond milk, Kamaile uses Whole Foods 365

canola oil: substitute it for avocado oil or coconut oil, Kamaile's favorite is avocado oil 

frosting: substitute for powdered sugar, also much easier all you have to do is sprinkle a little on top. Kamaile recommends the Whole Foods 365. 

Yum, we tried it with Kamaile... its so good.


So get in your kitchen, try it out, have fun, take pictures! Be sure to tag us @bellalete, #bellalete, #campbellalete 


Camp Bellalete* is new! It consists of 4 categories we are going to work together with you on. In the Kitchen -  eating like an athlete, In the Gym - training like an athlete, At the Table - have an athletes mindset and Self Care - sleep, beauty, all of that we as athletes need too! We believe these are four areas that are really important for athletes off the softball field to focus on, in order to be their best and reach their potential. 

Heres to fall, enjoy the season, enjoy the pumpkins! 

Keep working hard we are always here cheering for you. 

Stay the course,
Team Bellalete 


Samaya, October POTM gave it a big thumbs up  🎃 👍


  • Kristen Lloyd

    This is fantastic! I want to try the pumpkin bread. It is wonderful to see young athletes learning, participating and getting their hands in the kitchen. As a former softball mom, I love to see this. Keep it up girls :) Your Moms will love it too. :) Kristen (Savana’s Mom)

  • Auntie Berna

    I love this post. So fun to see the girls using the Bellalete kitchen. Love Samaya’s braids too. Our players are too young to vote but, we have to start talking to you early. Women have not always had the vote. It took a lot of work and suffering by our great grandmothers to get it. IN fact it was called Sufferage. If you are not aware of that movement, google it. There are lots of interesting photos.
    I hope when you are all able to vote, you will never miss the opportunity to use your voice and mark your ballots for your choice, whomever they may be. And, I hope before I leave this planet, I will see a woman in the White House. Maybe one of you! Thanking our founder Savana , for her amazing Bellalete Pants and mentoring program she has created with Bellalete. Holloween is getting close. BOO ! Wishing all of you a safe and happy celebration! My. love and hugs, Auntie Berna

  • Auntie Berna

    I just love this post. So happy to see the girls in the kitchen. Both girls are darling. I like Samaya’s braids!

  • Savana Lloyd

    Kamaile, this was so much fun. Thank you Allison, Kamaile and Warren for being an inspiration to the Bellalete community. I hope many people get inspired to try this and try new things in the kitchen! Such a special and important place for health and family. 🎃👍🏼

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