Bellalete Player of the Month - Two Year Anniversary!

Bellalete Player of the Month - Two Year Anniversary!

APRIL 2018 

  • Kaia has been selected to play in the European Championship in Prague with the Isreali Junior National Softball Team.
  • She has committed to playing softball at Williams College in Massachusetts this fall.
  • Kaia is enjoying her last year of High School softball.
"as a senior, it's been really cool to be a leader on the team and help guide the younger players. I remember how scary the seniors seemed when I was a freshman, so I am trying to be extra kind. :)"


  • Samaya has joined a new team, full of talented softballers and greta coaching, the Batbusters Juarez/Bracamonte.
  • With 25 plate appearances over 15 games with my current team. Samaya is currently hitting 400 with a SLG of 600. She says she still has a lot of work ahead.
"I haven't taken my foot off the gas. I am still working 6 or 7 days a week. I hit my pitching goal of 50 MPH two months earlier than expected. That feels great."

JULY 2019

  • Taylor is playing Varsity softball, and is the starting pitcher for some games. 
  • She was featured in her local paper for being a Homerun Hitter and doing it with style. (in Bellalete!)
  • She is an enthusiastic supporter of all of her teammates, always giving shoutouts to her fellow softballers.
"I am playing Varsity ball and LOVING it! I also love the new Royal Bellalete pants."

MARCH 2020

  • Ariah has not stopped working on the dirt and in the circle.
  • She is improving her running speed and pitching more effectively (creating outs rather than trying to strike batters out).
  • She continued working everyday, training, even during the downtime.
"My goal is to hit more FPS & also have a 70% strike count."


  • Juju joined a new team i5 Ventura 10U, and she loves all of her new teammates and coaches.
  • She is always working hard, learning new pitches and swinging for the over-the-fence homerun.
"I am so happy that I am back to playing softball and in-person learning."


  • Riley will be playing with the Israeli Junior National Team with Kaia!
  • She is playing High School ball and enjoying time with teammates.
"A majority of my high school team is made up of underclassman. I am really trying to be there as someone they can look up to and ask questions about school, recruiting, and other things."

MAY 2020

  • Siena continues to work her "triple-threat" skill set; working hard on her bunts, chops, slaps, and lefty swing to always keep the defense guessing.
  • Siena is a student of softball, watching as many games on TV as she can, and always trying to better understand how the game can be played.
  • Emma has been working hard in the outfield and behind the dish. her team, i5 Ventura 10U, recently received an invite to PGF. This will give her an amazing experience during her first year of travel ball.
  • Most days you'll find Emma grinding in the garage or backyard as she works on her swing, her blocking, or her glove skills.

JULY 2020

  • Imani is happy that she is keeping her grades up and able to find the school/sports balance.
  • She is running track to become an even strong softball player and to try something new.
  • Her curveball has been working really well lately and rise ball has improved a lot. 
  • She is also working on her YouTube channel, featuring her softball and track & field highlights.
"I'm on pace to achieving my goals, which are hitting an out of the park home run (already achieved!), straight As, and mastering the rise ball."


  • Saisai is always working hard! Training, weightlifting, hitting, pitching. 
  • She soaks up inspiration from all of her favorite people, including Lisa Fernandez, Coach Mo Ballertraining, Paisley Pitching, CJ Beatty, and more.
  • She is working on keeping her shoulder in for hitting, and faster hands. She is also working on joining the 60+ club!
"I did hit 63 mph a few weeks ago! It was great but I want to get that consistently!"

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