Attitude is #1

Above anything, we can control our attitude. Its the number one thing we have control of both on the softball field and in life. Today, we want all of you reading to hear the story of Alyssa, from Torrance Girls Softball League in Torrance, California.

Alyssa is a new pitcher. She is preparing to pitch in her first 8u season ever this coming spring. Every day she shows up to the field, she has a smile on her face, happy to be there, ready to work hard, with patience and love for the game. When you ask her how she's doing she'll answer you, "AWESOME!" She is not afraid to try something new. She shakes it off quick if she messes up. At the end of her practice or pitching lessons she will always stop, look her coach in the eye and say "Thank You Coach." 

We want you all to remember, its the little things like this that show from the inside out. Put a little Alyssa in your attitude. Not only will it help you improve your game, but you will gain the love and respect from all the coaches, parents and teammates around you. 

Play Pretty. Play Tough. 

Love, Team Bellalete 

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