April 2019 Player of The Month

April 2019 Player of The Month

We are excited to launch our Player of the Month Project this April. This project is to feature and share our Bellalete players who are out there working hard, doing amazing things with their teams and local softball communities. We are honored to be a part of their journey. The dedication, passion, work ethnic and accomplishments that take place on a daily basis are special and amazing!

The pride and support to one another drive the growth of our game. Our mission is to make high quality comfortable feminine apparel for our athletes while shining a guiding light to young players on their path to greatness.

Our players make a difference!
We hope we do too! 


With that said, meet our April 2019 Player of the Month!


Kaia Glickman, 15 years old from Los Angeles, California...


What position do you play?

Pitcher and my favorite pitch to throw is the change up, I love striking girls out on it!


What is your favorite part about the game?

My teammates are a huge part for me, it’s a reason why I love playing so much. They are always there for me. Having teammates to support you is so important. TJ, one of my teammates I have played with since I was five years old. We actually started playing soccer before softball and then moved to softball. We played rec ball together at Wilshire Girls Softball, we play travel ball together for Media City Firecrackers and High School together at Campbell Hall.


Tell us about your experience with Bellalete:

Bellalete has been a part of my success, I have been wearing the pants for years every practice and every game. I love them so much. They are so comfortable and they let me move without feeling constrained in any way.


What are your softball goals?

My goal is to play in college, not sure where yet, I am looking at high academic D3 and Ivy league schools. The reason I am looking at D3 is because I have so many interests that I want to be able to pursue in college. I want to have a practice schedule that is more flexible and allows me to do other activities. I am also focusing on high academic D3's because I take school and learning very seriously and I want to continue to that through college. 


Why Kaia for POTM?  

Commitment: she is consistent and commits to her workouts, her teammates, coaches and family on good days and tough days through wins and losses.

Academics:  Kaia wins in the classroom! She is dedicated to her studies, takes the extra step and knows how important this is to her and her future goals. 

Dreams: she has dreams and is not afraid to write them down and go after them.


Champion: She’s been the leading role in the circle for numerous championship wins in tournaments with her teams.


Respect: She respects and appreciates those that give to her, to help her on her journey.

Overcomes Adversity: Softball presents us with challenges. It makes us fail and she handles it with patience and a mindset ready to learn for the next time.

Work Ethic: She puts in the extra effort, pushes herself hard because she knows that is what it takes.

Mastery: She surrounds herself with masters of the game!



Huge Thank You to Kaia Glickman. She is one of the most incredible softball players we know. She is filled with talent and heart. Thank you for repping Bellalete and setting the best example we could ever dream of. You can follow her on Instagram @kaiaglickman! Keep up the great work Kaia! We are all rooting for you! 


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